"I believe i Alpha Delta pi..."

I came home to Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2014. As I stepped through the doors of the beautiful chapter house on Bid Day, I immediately realized that I was surrounded by women who held the same values and virtues as myself; these women were incredibly loving, compassionate, hard-working, intelligent, and loyal. I valued all of these characteristics and was enticed as I began to learn about Alpha Delta Pi’s dreams and visions: becoming a well-balanced person, giving one’s best in everything she undertakes, and always leading with confidence tempered with humility. These were the ideals that stood out to me in Alpha Delta Pi’s beautifully written Creed as a new member, and this excerpt continues to stand as one of my favorites. As a new member, I was thrilled and eager to also live by this creed and to achieve a rich and useful life.

As a proud chapter member, I experience many successes with Alpha Delta Pi. I take pride in my education and enjoy the rewards given for achieving a high academic standard. Additionally, I have a passion for serving others selflessly and giving back to the community. I now have the pleasure of sharing this common goal with my sisters as we fundraise for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc. and our local Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass. Not only am I honored to have such philanthropic sisters, but I am also honored to have exceptional leaders within our chapter. The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi have a skill for leading others and getting involved on University of Kentucky’s campus and in the Lexington community. Every woman in our chapter is involved with some other student organization or community group outside of Alpha Delta Pi. This makes for an inviting mix of interests and talents within Alpha Delta Pi that are exciting and fresh. These women show me what I can become and how I can improve in my own character and lifestyle.

Not only does Alpha Delta Pi provide me with role models, it also has given me life-long friendships. I am amazed by the unselfish, loving, thoughtful, and fun women that surround me every day. They inspire and encourage me beyond belief. I am confident that with these women by my side, I can face any challenge, accomplish any goal, or defeat any obstacle. These women are my protectors, cheerleaders, and best friends. We are entirely comfortable in each other’s presence; at any moment, we can be doing something as serious as planning our future, doing something as studious as spending late nights studying in the dining room, or doing something as silly as belting out our favorite songs together in the car. There is never a dull moment in the life of an Alpha Delta Pi.

As I think of the future of our chapter and this sorority, my mind wanders to reflect on our rich history. Alpha Delta Pi is the first secret society created for women. It all began in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia as our young founders overcame impossible obstacles and acted with bravery I can only try to imagine. As I am inspired by our six founders and the women in Alpha Delta Pi that surround me today, I believe that we have a very bright future. We are the first and the finest, forever.


Camiran Moore “Cami”

Alpha Delta Pi

Beta Psi Chapter President