Dear Potential New Members,

On behalf of the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi, it is with great honor that I welcome you to the University of Kentucky!  I am confident that these next several years will be the best of your life, and I am thrilled that you have chosen to go Greek.  I can assure you that your decision will provide countless opportunities for academic success, leadership, and philanthropy – all while building life-long friendships.

I came home to Alpha Delta Pi in the Fall of 2016.  Since then, this sorority has played a role in making me a better person every single day.  I have shared numerous memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with sisters that I will cherish for years to come.  In addition, I have built a network of inspiring women whom have not only helped me throughout college, but who will continue to influence my successes post-graduation.  Most importantly, I have built relationships with friends who push me to reach out of my comfort zone, to never give up, and to be the best version of myself.

Throughout the recruitment process, it is normal to feel excited, anxious, and a bit overwhelmed.  I promise that you are not alone. Sorority recruitment is probably unlike many things you have ever done; however, it consists of some of the most memorable weeks of your life.  As soon as you arrive on campus, you will meet extraordinary women from all across the University of Kentucky, which truly makes your college transition that much easier.

During the Open House round of recruitment, you will visit each sorority on campus.  You will meet remarkable chapter members at each house, and even more importantly, we will get to know you!  Following Open House, there will be a Philanthropy round dedicated to showing you how we, as members of Alpha Delta Pi, enrich not only the lives of our members but the lives of those in our community as well.  On this day, we are able to share our commitment to volunteering in both our community and with our international philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As the week progresses, you will also have the opportunity to experience our sisterhood as we show you the friendships and traditions that tie our sisters together.  Finally, as Formal Recruitment draws to an end, we will host our Preference Ceremony, showcasing what it truly means to be a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.

My advice to you is simple – be positive, be confident, and be yourself.  I am sure that you will find your home, just as I found mine at Alpha Delta Pi.  It is hard to believe that my time in this chapter and at the University of Kentucky is coming to an end, but I am privileged to play the role in recruiting new members to leave their own legacy.  I wish you the best recruitment experience, and I encourage you to visit the UK Panhellenic website for more information about the Formal Recruitment process.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet you this August!


Bailey Halpin

Formal Recruitment Chair